Today I have a meeting with Silvera for Seniors, to be screened for entry.


I’m a senior. Full pension in a few months.


This means I have recovered enough from a serious stroke to leave hospital, and continue to recover at home. I can cook and clean and shop and maintain relationships. Certified by experts who won’t let leave unless I am safe.

I’m scared.

I use a walker and a cane, taxi and handibus. A pain in the ass that will be gone in 6 more months of recovery.

My hand will be up to speed in a year or 2.

I was paralyzed on my right side, motor function of arm, leg and speech. Speech comes and goes but all improves steadily.

Now to get a place to live. Waiting on funding, Aish or welfare I suppose. No definite word on either, which is odd.

Set up a site to sell work , which like any new business will take 3 years to be sustaining.

Right now it’s friends, Facebook friends mostly, being subject to my spammy emails.

My family, upon hearing that they would be called upon for support, found reason to dump me, a life long strategy.

Salt in the wound.

Well, let’s go see these guys and get this figured out….


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